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Flexible packaging is at the forefront of packaging trends in production and protection, packaging design their reliability, consumer convenience, and sustainability which positively impacts the environment.
As one of the fastest growing segments of the packaging industry, flexible packaging combines the best qualities of plastic, film; paper and aluminum foil to deliver a broad range of protective properties while employing a minimum of material, Realizing the significance of colors, designs and packaging on the buying trends of present day consumer, we are capable of providing the best international quality of rotogravure flexible packaging materials in various sizes and specifications, i.e. in different types of poly combinations both three layer & five layers and laminations with Polyester / BOPP / MET.PET / AL.FOIL / PAPER / Nylon based poly to suit all types of customer requirements.
The quality consistency, prompt and effective services are our strength and these facts are established and acknowledged by the continuous and ever trust shown by our valuable clients.

1) Flexible packaging is light-weight and easy to open, carry, store, and reseal
2) Flexible packaging extends the shelf life of many products,and has a positive sustainability profile
3) Innovative
4) Widely extendible into diverse product categories
5) Maintains and indicates freshness
6) Offers consumer conveniences
7) Provides reclosure and dispensing options
8) Is easily transported and stored
9) Creates shelf appeal
10) Enables visibility of contents

3 side seal - These pouches that are sealed from the three sides and one side is kept open, later it is sealed by the customer through heat applications after filling the pouch.

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Why 3 side seal

  • Most convenient & simpler option.
  • User Friendly & Space convenient
  • Pocket Friendly choice for Start-ups
  • Ease of dispensing the product
  • Tear Notch availability for easy tearin

Stand-up pouch - The pouch stands by its own with the help of bottom gusset and exhibits reseal ability if zipper option is incorporated into it.

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Why Stand-up pouch

  • Display product & protect the contents
  • Less storage space
  • Light weight and better aesthetic appeal.
  • High Oxygen & Moisture barrier properties
  • User friendly & customized shapes.

D-Cut Pouch - Ease of convenience while handling the filled pouch is of utmost
importance from customer's point of view. This variety of handling options such
as Dori/D-Cut/Rivet/ Tear Notch/Zipper etc. for the ease of dispensing.

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Why D-Cut Pouch

  • Size & Structure Availability
  • Variety of handles
  • Different formats of Pouch such as Stand up Pouch, Side Gusset Pouch,
    Three Side Seal, Center Seal Pouch etc.
  • Customized Printing
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Why Window Pouches

  • One of the best displaying packaging option.
  • Seeks consumer attention & reinforce your brand.
  • Clear see through from the pouch into the product.
  • Increase your turnover by reaching potential customers.
  • Best suited for Snacks, Namkeen, Dry fruits etc.

Center seal pouches - Ideal packaging for powders, Atta, Maida, Rawa, Sooji , Species etc.. up to 10 Kilograms, solids and pastes up to 1 Kilogram in which the pouch is center sealed at the back side with an extra margin (say 20mm).

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Why Center Seal Pouches

  • Best for packing the items with thickness
  • Leakage proof from corners
  • Withstand both high & low variation in temperatures
  • Extended shelf- life.
  • Tamper & water – proof
  • Best suited for pulses, Atta, suji, Pharmaceutical, electrical appliances etc.

Side gusset pouches – Side Gusset feature has become the latest packaging trend that adds to the style and uniqueness of the product. Side Guss

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Why Side Gusset Pouches

  • Very innovative & Unique in appearance
  • Ease of use & Less Space Requirement
  • Extra strength with the help of bottom sealing
  • Standing feature, adds to better shelf display.
  • Best suited for snacks, bulk packaging etc.

Zipper or Zip-lock pouch - when combined together serve pouch for multipurpose applications with the ease of opening and dispensing. Various markets like Snacks, Namkeen, Dry fruits, pulses, cereals etc. requires such packaging that eliminates the use of glass or plastic containers.

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Why Zipper/Ziplock Pouches Pouches

  • Ease of dispensing the product.
  • Most convenient & Simpler option
  • Tamper Evident
  • Better Aesthetic Appeal
  • Reclose-able

Retort pouch - A retort pouch is a type of food packaging made from a laminate of flexible plastic and metal foils. It allows the sterile packaging of a wide variety of food and drink handled by aseptic processing.

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Why Retort pouch

  • Ease of dispensing the product.
  • Most convenient & Simpler option
  • Tamper Evident
  • Better Aesthetic Appeal
  • Reclose-able

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